Fiddler Tips

Fiddler is a very useful tool. Some tips

1. Inspectors and Filters Tabs

The most useful tabs for me are ‘Inspectors’ and ‘Filters’.  Note you can use localhost as a filter when trying to debug applications on the local machine.

Check this out.




2. Composer

The composer makes it pretty easy to compose requests

3. Fiddler with CURL

When we use curl at the command line to access websites, the traffic doesn’t show up in Fiddler. This is because curl doesn’t use the system proxy by default.  Try this:

curl -x http://www.get.this/

This tells CURL to use Fiddler (on localhost port 8888) as a proxy.

4. HTTPS Traffic

Then there was this other issue where Fiddler would not capture HTTPS traffic.

  • Initially I tried several options, including revert certificate etc none of which worked.
  • I finally decided to so some certificate troubleshooting.
    • After installing that Certificate Generator Plugin, things suddenly started working!
    • The one thing I did note is that the ‘Certificate generated by’ had changed.
  • Not quite sure why the issue got resolved. But for now I was able to get past the problem. Phew!







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