Visual Studio Tips

Primarily, I use 2 IDEs : Spyder (for Python) and Visual Studio (for .NET).

Am listing down some helpful tips for using VS. For Spyder look up this other post.

  • Clipping :
    • If you want to copy a single line of code, did you know you can just put the cursor anywhere on the line of code and then use <CTRL><C> to copy the line to your clipboard. When no text is selected, the default is to select the entire line.
    • Same for <CTRL><X>
      • Note:  i think  <CTRL><X>  and <CTRL><L>  both do the same thing i.e. cut. Isnt it ?
    • Each item you copy to the clipboard is kept in the clipboard ring, you can actually cycle through the clipboard ring by using the keyboard shortcut <CTRL><SHIFT><V>
  • Code Blocks
    • To reach either end of a code block use :  Control + }  (or C + ])

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