Googling while Coding – 1 : Dictionaries, Hash Functions

I recently wrote some simple code to featurize data from the KDD Cup 2015. The code is pretty simple (link below)

I thought it would be interesting to tabulate the google searches I had to do for syntax validation etc.

Considering I code in both Python and C#, its still funny how much of code-lookup happens during coding.


Task #1:  Featurize data from the KDD Cup 2015

Google Searches:

  1. “c# dictionary” :
  2. “c# array” :
  3. “c# string hash function” :
  4. “c# constructor” :
  5. “c# convert array to comma separated string” :
  6. “c# modulo operator negative” :
  7. “c# streamwriter writeline” :





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