Vowpal Wabbit : Example Commands

Vowpal Wabbit Commands can be pretty cryptic.

As I play around with it, I am listing down example commands. Hopefully the flags will become clear as I play with this tool more.

rcv1 dataset:

  • [0.0666918]../vw.exe -d rcv1.train.raw.txt.gz -c –loss_function logistic –sgd -l 1.5 -f rcv1_raw_sgd_model -b 22 –binary
  • [0.0579419]../vw.exe -d rcv1.train.raw.txt.gz -c –loss_function logistic -f rcv1_raw_model -b 22 -l 1 –binary
  • [0.0462865]../vw.exe -d rcv1.train.raw.txt.gz -c –loss_function logistic -f rcv1_raw_n2skip4_model -b 22 –ngram 2 –skips 4 –binary -l 1
  • [0.0455684]../vw.exe -d rcv1.train.raw.txt.gz -c -f rcv1_raw_sqloss_n2skip4_model -b 22 –ngram 2 –skips 4 –binary -l 0.25


titanic dataset:

  • vw train_titanic.vw -f model.vw –binary –passes 20 -c -q ff –adaptive –normalized –l1 0.00000001 –l2 0.0000001 -b 24
  • vw -d test_titanic.vw -t -i model.vw -p preds_titanic.txt


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