Confidence Intervals and Significance Levels

In a previous post , I mentioned about  expected value and variance of different distributions.

Taking the same statistical concepts further, we now want to compute confidence intervals for our estimate.


  • While thinking about Confidence Intervals, it is a good exercise to identify what distribution is representative of your estimate.
    • The reason this is needed is because the confidence interval  is dependent on standard deviation.  As such, it would be necessary to know how you are computing your standard deviation.
    • An alternative would be if we compute the variance from base principles.










Git Credentials. Avoid repetitions using Credential Helpers.



I recently had to figure out how to save my git credentials, so i wouldn’t have to keep typing them repeatedly.

The references below helped me get past the issue. Some notes below:


  • The credentials are set separately for each repo.
  • Read the documentation that is provided with “git help credentials”
    • “Credential helpers, on the other hand, are external programs from which Git can request both usernames and passwords; they typically interface with secure storage provided by the OS or other programs.”
  • I ended up using a Credential manager
    • I installed the Git Credential manager for Windows.
  • Initially the command “git config –list”   did not have a ‘credential.helper’ set
    • As mentioned in the reference #2, i set it by using :  git config credential.helper manager.
    • After doing this,  I could save my username and password and avoid the repetiotion