Netstat, Telnet

In my past life I was so used to using the ‘netstat’ command. So I found it funny when I got to re-use it again after ~5 years.


  • netstat -nltp
  • netstat -rn
netstat [address_family_options] [–tcp|-t] [–udp|-u] [–raw|-w] [–listening|-l] [–all|-a] [--numeric|-n] [–numeric-hosts] [–numeric-ports] [–numeric-users] [–symbolic|-N] [–extend|-e[–extend|-e]] [–timers|-o] [–program|-p] [–verbose|-v] [–continuous|-c]
netstat {–route|-r} [address_family_options] [–extend|-e[–extend|-e]] [–verbose|-v] [–numeric|-n] [–numeric-hosts] [–numeric-ports] [–numeric-users] [–continuous|-c]


There are so many more flags (see reference)


  • used telnet to verify connectivity with zookeeper
  • at the telnet prompt, type in ruok and press ENTER. if everything’s fine, ZooKeeper will say imok and end the Telnet session


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