Recently I had to create a nuget and push it

Luckily things worked smoother than I expected

  1. Downloaded nuget.exe

  2. Created “nuget” folder with

  • “build” folder. –> this in turn contained 2 things
    • targets file
    • “intenttriggering” folder containing the model files
  • nuspec file

nuget pack

D:\nuget>C:\Users\agoswami\Downloads\nuget.exe pack NLU.IntentTriggering.Model.nuspec
Attempting to build package from ‘NLU.IntentTriggering.Model.nuspec’.
Successfully created package ‘D:\nuget\NLU.IntentTriggering.Model.1.2.0.nupkg’.

nuget push –> luckily it worked smoothly. dunno how

D:\nuget>C:\Users\agoswami\Downloads\nuget.exe push -Source “TScience.NLU” -ApiKey az NLU.IntentTriggering.Model.1.2.0.nupkg

Pro tip:

might hit an error :

The specified source 'TScience.NLU_TMP1' is invalid. Provide a valid source.

In that case, we need to ensure we have added the source first

E:\tmp>C:\Users\agoswami\Downloads\nuget.exe push -Source "TScience.NLU_TMP1" -ApiKey az nlu.intenttriggering.model.1.2.0.nupkg

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