Github auth errors command line

Make sure select “repo”

Link : here


Latex quirks

its interesting how many quirks Latex has.

System Design Interview

The system design interview can be of two kinds:

Object Oriented / Data Model :


System Design :



Things you do as a well rounded ML Engineer / Data Scientist

I came across this list somewhere on the web.

I felt the list nicely captures the different kinds of skills a well rounded ML Engineer/Data Scientist develops over his/her career:

Python dictionary == operator

Its interesting to note that python dictionaries support the == operator


TensorFlow – save, restore, freeze models

It can be quite tricky getting around to deploying TF models –

In fact there are multiple ways to save/load TF models, with each serving a slightly different purpose / use-case.

  • simple_save
  • saver
  • estimator
  • keras
  • tflite