As I got more and more into Flask, I wanted to understand about Werkzeug.

Some helpful links:

Azure ML SDK  uses ngix + gUnicorn  within its docker image:



ASP.NET Core web API

Some nice links.

Return Status Codes:


WordPress.com to Jekyll

Am trying to understand how to go about exporting my blog from WordPress.com to Jekyll.

My goal is to then host it on GitHub pages  under my user credentials.

Some references:

Jekyll. Ubuntu 16.04

Jekyll has a very short ‘getting started’ guide:

Apparently that’s all that’s needed. However, my experience on Ubuntu 16.04 was more intense than this.

I kept hitting the following [issue](http://askubuntu.com/questions/793381/cant-install-rails-on-ubuntu-16-04)

Was almost about to give up on this thing before finding the links


Intro to Angular 2.0

I attended this meetup and got a basic understanding of Angular 2.0.

The interesting thing I realized is that there has been an immense amount of developments in the world of Web technologies. I would probably take me a week or two to come up-to speed with the developments in this field

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Node
  • Express
  • Angular
  • React

In any case, the deck from the meetup can be found at  codefoster.com/ngmeetup